Designing a unique weather app for testing a UI framework.

Sky & Space

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Concept developement

Software developing

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Anastasia Lorenz

Not another weather app.

Sky & Space started as a programming class project to test the Sveltekit framework for creating a portfolio. This project was created in collaboration with Anastasia Lorenz and Louise Tritschler.

The teaching objective was to create a website using the Svelte framework in combination with an API. We therefore developed Sky & Space, a web app that displays the current weather and lunar phase of a specified location.

The weather information was integrated using the openweather API, while the moon phases were calculated using the lunarphase-js library.

Design requirements for a successful framework test

To depict the size of a typical portfolio, we have created several pages that share some UI elements and display different information.

The web app has been successfully launched, enabling users to access information about the current weather and lunar phase. We have become familiar with the basic functions of Sveltekit and have been able to test the differences from a pure HTML website with Javascript.

Night view displays sunrise and sunset times.

Day mode displays temperature, rain probability, and air quality info.

We found out we will not use SvelteKit for our portfolios.

Although SvelteKit offers many freedoms and features that simplify the process of creating a portfolio website, it can still be very time-consuming with SvelteKit.

As a result, we have decided to use tools like Framer or Webflow, which provides faster website creation through a visual builder. Nevertheless, it was fun to create this project with code and improve our coding skills in the process.