Hey, I'm Mark

I am an aspiring UX Designer based in Stuttgart.

Currently, I am studying Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences - Schwäbisch Gmünd and doing a mandatory internship at Deloitte Digital

Design is not only the tool to combine several disciplines, but also to solve nowadays problems.

I am particularly interested in the conception and ideation phases of the design process. In addition to solving user problems, my goal in design is to provide users with the appropriate information and tools to enable them to easily achieve their objectives.

Working holistically in design is important to me. I consider not only users and other stakeholders, but also our society and the planet, in order to create a positive impact.

Behind every designer there is a human.

Apart from design, I am interested in the latest technology. I enjoy weightlifting, hiking in the mountains in any season, and I am a fan of good food. Sometimes, I also pick up my camera to photograph my surroundings. I enjoy reading books on design, finance, and people, and like to attend sneak previews at the cinema.